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I teach to older adults in a Continuing Care Facility/Retirement Community. Of course one of the main problems we see daily are balance we actually have an entire class dedicated to balance.

We keep our pool around 88 for any therapeutic classes (such as balance or arthritis)

5-10 minute warm up consists of water walking. Emphasize posture, correct form and this is a good time for everyone to say hello and get their socializing done (and not throughout the whole class!)

Then we do range of motion exercises and gentle stretches. I explain each body part we are working, and how it affects their balance.

Then after we are warmed up and limbered up comes the fun part!!

The stork stand-standing on one foot, keeping your eyes focused on a focal point, hold as long as you can. I do it a few times on each leg. If that is easy, you can do "Tree" like in yoga, and bring your arms up over your head.

Then we stand with feet staggered (like a lunge)..first using your hands to scull the water, then bring your hands up across your chest (so you are no longer using them to help you balance), and then close your eyes. You can do the same thing standing heel to toe.

Stir the pot: standing heel to toe, pretend you are stirring a big pot right in front of you - you can use a hand buoy to make more difficult.

Tightrope: pretend you are standing on a tightrope and first take your right foot and tap your toe in front of your left foot and then bring around to the back and tap behind your left foot. Switch feet.

Using a beach ball-play water volley ball/basketball or toss with a partner.

Walk on your toes, on your heels, and on your tip toes the width of the pool.

Play Simon Says (simon says take 2 steps forward..etc)

Freeze frame: tell the participants a move to do and then when you yell freeze everyone must hold their position.

I do some slow water walking and stretches to end the class.

I hope this helps somebody - it certainly has with my residents!!

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