Cycle Intervals (not for the weak!)

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Hey all! It's been awhile since I contributed, but here's an simple but challenging cycle ride. I teach to the cadence of the music, so this ride is performed with a continuous play CD of choice, bpms 140-150.

I teach the schwinn/reaction cycling format:


3 minute warmup to establish cadence (matching the pedal speed to the song beat)

3 minutes top of zone 3 in saddle (sustaining top of 3 in saddle is hard!) Cue: gear back to zone 2 and do breakaway sprints for 15 seconds on/15 seconds off for 3 minutes. (make sure that when they release sprint speed they come back to song cadence.)

Repeat 3X.

This will take about 20 minutes. If you have a class that needs recovery. If not, it will be 18 minutes.


Repeat above with this change: 2.5 minutes top of zone 3, 30 seconds zone 4 (attain zone 4 by maintaining cadence but adding resistance)

You've now spent almost 40 minutes in saddle.


1.5 minutes top of zone3 in saddle, then add resistance and stay 30 seconds zone 4 then come to standing & maintain cadence for 1 more minute (by coming out of saddle you have returned to zone 3, but in a standing position.)

Slow down, gear back, sit back and do the breakaway sprints 15 seconds on/15 seconds off for 2 minutes.

Repeat 3X

Total time: 55 minutes

You can vary the times to suit your membership, and if you have very strong riders (as I do) you can let the last 90 seconds go to zone 4 either by adding weight to your sprint or staying out of saddle and sprinting with weight.

CAVEATS: most of this ride is in saddle, so it is designed to really work quads/hams & burn calories. Let members stand whenever they need a break. The challenge is to MAINTAIN CADENCE! Cadence first than layer on resistance.

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