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I am an Olympics junkie...some (including my husband) might say "geek". Whatever! I love it!! I came up with this basic to intermediate routine for my August classes. Let me know if you need breakdown ideas or more explanations.

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3


Combo 1:

SuperStar basic - when right lead: you hop onto step with right foot-left leg out to side, and both arms extended overhead at 11:00 and 2:00
Star hop turn: just like a regular hop turn, but with star arms like in SuperStar Basic

Combo 2

Gymnast arms for knee off side and balance beam-arms out to sides...as much attitude as you can muster as if you're doing beam work!

Running man: (right lead) hop up right foot, left leg bent 90 degrees, arms like running

Butterfly glute squeeze: glute squeeze with arms moving like you're swimming butterfly

Combo 3

Muscle Man - I use a double stomp - single stomp first and then make the changes. In place of double stomp - step up right foot and do a sort of Elvis move with left leg - arms go over head like you're flexing, then reverse legs - while staying on top of bench - left leg straight - right Elvis, bring arms down together and flex, then step down right, stomp left and do left arm in a bicep curl/flex.

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