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Hi all

Here are some of my latest combos. Tap free, self-reversing. Email questions

Combo I

Total 32

Curl on curl over, quarter turn curls - step up right foot on bench facing front (1), curl left leg (1). Step down left foot to north side of bench (1), curl right leg (1). Start to make a quarter turn to the right, by placing your right foot on the floor and doing a left curl (1), complete the quarter turn by placing the left foot on the floor and doing a right curl (1). You will finish on the north side facing east, with your right foot hanging in the air ready to do your alternating side lunges.

Shuffle, step kick, box step. Start right as a normal shuffle (2), plant the left foot and kick with the right foot (2), then box the right foot over the left foot on the floor (4). You will finish on a right lead, so for breakdown purposes I throw in a repeater to change leads.

1/2 horse, weave. This is just a play on the rocking horse and the weave. From the above move, you will be on the right foot, so place right foot on bench, do 1/2 a rocking horse, then you right foot will be up in the air, simply put your right foot on the bench and weave over to the north side. You will now be able to start the combo on the left foot.

Combo II

Total 32 reverses

First move can be done with any single lever, it's simply a lever, straddle, lever, straddle

Second move from the straddle, you will step back up onto the bench right and left (10), then stomp with the right foot onto the floor on the north side (2), bring the right foot back up onto the bench and rock on the bench (2), exit north side - no tap (face east) (2)

Tango - I am sure that many of you don't call this move by this name, but for some reason I do. The tango is a 5 count move, side approach, simply step up right and left (2), right foot on floor on north side (1), left foot rocks back (2). In the breakdown I repeat this moves twice total 10, plus corner to corner stomps (6).

Corkscrew repeater - is just a fun, intense variation of the 2 knee repeater. In fact do corner to corner 2 knee repeaters (12) and a single lever in the center of the bench to change leads. Then replace the 2 knee repeater as follows. Right foot on bench, lifting the left knee, do a little hop so that your left foot will touch down on the north side, facing east for the first of the 2 knee repeater, then do another little hop back home for the second of the 2 knee repeater. You'll have a lead change here, so do it again, you will now have a total of 12 (same as the 2 knee repeater as shown above) you will be on the same foot and if you do a single lever you will be on 16. This way you can offer your class to stay with the 2 knee repeater x 2, plus 1 lever, or do the corkscrew version.

I have a couple of more combo's to post but right now I am out of time. I'll try to get them posted soon

Do email any questions


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