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Motivational cues: close your eyes and give yourself permission to let go of any expectations from the outside world. Your mission for today's ride is to get in touch with what's most important to you and ride from there. When you feel energized and inspired to push yourself, do so.

This ride will require commitment and focus, so allow yourself to let go of the rest of the world as you settle into your bike. Begin connecting to your breath and get excited about what you are setting out to accomplish.

Put your soul into the ride. Feel the music and let it take you where you want to go.

Channel the feeling of that little kid who just got his/her new bike. Remember what it felt like riding down the block, assured that you were the coolest, fastest kid in the 'hood'.

Ride with purpose. Know where you are headed and how you are going to get there.

These are just a few of the motivational cues I use. You can use one or all of them at various times during the ride. You can change the wording and make it your own.

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