Sculpt It! (a whole class)

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 16735)

Warm Up ( I use my favorite warm up from turnstep titled "Warm up for sculpting class", thanks Shawna :)

Around the world push ups:
face the small end of the step
1 push up on the floor, 1 push up with one hand on step the other on the floor, push up both hands on step (this will be a tricep push up), other side 1 push up with one hand on the step the other on the floor, 1 push up both hands on the floor. Keep rotating until you have reach the number you want to complete.

G-up off the end of the step:
sit at the end of the step, lean back a bit to engage the abs, you can hold on to the step or keep hands out to the sides, bring leg in and out.

Ball exchange:
this is an exercise I use with the stability ball. Laying on your back you place the ball inbetween your feet. Keeping the spine on the mat you just pass the ball between the feet and hands opening and closing the legs and hand as you do so. I just did the same exercise without the ball.

laying on your back and pushing the spine into the mat, bring hands and legs into the air, scissor the legs one at a time to the floor.

90 Degree crunch:
laying on your back bring the legs up to 90 degrees, crunch up and as you lower from the crunch lower the legs at the same time.

using the body bar, sit on the mat and lean back about half way to engage the abs, then use the body bar to paddle as if you were in a kayak.

Cherry picker:
similar to the kayak, this time you will use a dumbbell. Sit on the mat lean half way back to engage the abs and take the dumbbell side to side. Make sure to move the whole torso and not just your arms.

Crunch with side tilt:
I got this one off of Men's Health. Laying on the mat ready to crunch. Crunch up then tilt to the right as if you were trying to get your right elbow to your right hip, back to the center and then tilt to the left, center and down.

If I have confused anyone please feel free to email me. I just wanted to give a thanks to everyone who posts all of the great information on turnstep. I do not think I would have survived without this site. I hope that I was able to help someone.

Thanks, Holly :)

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