Crazy Eights (whole class)

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 16736)

Eight is my favorite number so everything in this class is done in eight repetions.

Each set is a superset of 3 sets each:


I got the oblique crunches from a turnstep pattern titled "FLAB 2 AB", thanks Amanda)

Oblique side crunches: laying on the right side, with the body perpendicular to the floor (knees slightly bent), lie the right arm stright out, place the left behind the head. focus upward on the crunch.

Oblique leg lifts: same position as above except this time you are lifting the legs instead of the head. You can lift just one or two

Angies Abs: (I got this one form my friend Angie)
Laying on the mat place both feet up on the ball and 8 crunches. Next, place the right leg on the side of the ball so that you have to squeeze a little to keep it there 8 crunches. Then place the left hand behind your head, right hand out to the side and do 8 oblique crunches bringing the left elbow to the right knee, while bringing the right knee off the ball to the left elbow and back to the ball. Repeat by placing the left leg on the left side of the ball 8 crunches, 8 oblique crunches bringing right elbow to left knee. Hope you got that one.

Ball Exchange:
laying on your back (keeping the spine pressed into the mat) just exchange the ball between your feet and hands

laying on your back (keeping the spine pressed into the mat) Holding the ball in your hands bring both arms and legs up into the air. Just scissor the legs one at a time to the ground.

Any question please feel free to ask.


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