Almost Tapless and self-reversing from Tennessee

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 16833)

All of the above=self-reversing


Repeat on the other side

*Knee travel except the first use the step on the second kick turn away from the bench and use the floor

** If leading right
count 1---mambo on bench with right foot
count 2---step on the floor with left foot
count 3---straddle on the opposite side bench with right foot
count 4---step on the floor again with left foot
count 5---mambo with right foot on the bench again
count 6---step on floor with left foot again
count 7---right foot taps behind left foot--at the same time left foot comes off the floor (like a little rock back)
count 8---left foot on floor again

***Power 7--- If leading right 7 count repeater with big, bursting arms, adding a little hop on the bench with right leg, and keeping the left straight, using it for balance floor by tapping it the floor

**** 6 count repeater walk back
If leading with right foot, 6 count repeater anyway you like (1-12 counts)
count 13 left foot on floor
count 14 right foot on floor--behind left foot
count 15 left crosses over right foot behind short side of bench (heading toward opposite side of bench)
count 16 right foot on floor next to left foot
This is great one to practice while teaching and also getting that heart rate up,up ,up!!!

**** 1 V-step on the bench and an upside down V-step on the floor going backwards and away from step.

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