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Only 3 segments because I made this for a class that was 20 minutes step and 20 minutes li-lo aerobics

(repeat with left lead)

(repeat with left lead)

(repeat with left lead)

*"stomp-tap-tap, step-off" movement: right foot stomps onto the left corner of the bench, left foot taps wide to the left on the floor in a side-lunge and then taps behind you in a lunge (keep your weight shifted onto the lead foot that stomps on the bench), then lead foot steps off bench. (4-count move)

You could add a fourth segment of choreography or just go for a power segement

Power Segment Ideas:

I hope you enjoy this routine -- my participants and I had a lot of fun with it. There's movement all over the step and you constantly switch directions, yet it's basic enough that everyone can follow!

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