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Hi all! Here's my first submission... finally getting 8 years of teaching stored online for future use and it's time to start sharing since I've gained much from turnstep users over the years.

This routine has an alternate start pattern listed at the end. I write my routines as basic combinations and then change the moves a little to make them more complicated (and fun!) once everybody has the basic moves down. I usually teach the same thing for 4 or 6 classes until we all really get it. With this one, I found that we got tired of the first combination before we got through all the "changes" in the latter ones. So about 3 classes in I changed that part. Let me know if my explanation is lacking.

Basic is written first then changes are in parenthesis. explanations after each combination as needed. "Back" of board is just your normal spot behind the board. "front" is (obviously) the other long side.

Combo 1:


Crazy horse: step up right (1), ham left (2) and swing over the board, step down in front of board Left (3), and knee lift right (4), step up right (5), ham left (6) and swing over the board back, step down (7,8)

Skate up and down: two ham curls on top (1-4) two on the floor (5-8)

Reverse skate up: same as above, just step up to do the first two ham curls backward, like reverse turn)

Skateboard: side approach. step up right 1, rock back onto left foot on top of board 2, step down right on board again 3, step left off end 4, step right leg forward and rock onto right 5, step back onto left 6, shuffle back to bench 7&8. the shuffle will switch your lead leg.

Combo 2:


Double wide: just a double stomp on the corner, but stomp right 1, step down wide off end like a squat 2, stomp right 3, step back left and right 4,5 then repeat on other side

Swing around bench: starts with side leg lift so step up right 1, leg lift left 2, step down left right in front of board 3,4, step up left behind you onto board 5, side leg lift right 6, step down right left back of board 7,8

Chasse: syncopated step over 1&2 (right step up 1, left step up & right step down 2) rock back left 3, step forward (finish rock) 4

Kick straddle kick - switch lead: just a kick straddle kick, but need to switch lead at exit so if your final kick is right lead, need to start next move (mambo) on left lead.

Kick and turn: (admitting up front this is crazy, but my class loved it) step up right 1, kick left 2, step back left onto bench 3, come up on toes and pivot around to face other direction 4, straddle down right-left 5,6, rock right foot back 7, finish out rock on left 8

Combo 3:


L-step stutter: knee up 1,2, step down to squat left and hop left foot back 3, 4, 5, knee up 6, exit 7,8)

L-step repeater: same as L-step but instead of doing 1 knee lift at each step do a two knee repeater at each and one jack at the end. so step up 1, double knee lift 2-4, step out to side 5, double knee lift 6-8, step on bench 9, double knee lift 10-12, exit 13,14, jack 15,16)

Bridge + jack: jump over bench Right left turning in toward bench and facing back 1,2, jack 3,4, jump back 5,6, jack 7,8)

Alternate start (replace combo 1)


Diagonal walk and pivot: diagonal step up on bench right left 1,2, step down right left still moving forward 3,4, step forward and pivot 5, walk back 6,7,8)

3 Quick taps: tap right toe on bench 1, jump switch left toe on bench 2, jump switch right toe on bench 3, hold 4

Add on end for alternate start:


Walk the curb: stomp right 1, step forward left on floor 2, rock forward right 3, rock back left 4, stomp up right (moving backward now) 5, step back left 6, rock back right (onto floor) 7, finish rock on left 8

Added by Susan Steele at 1:58 PM on Thursday, July 24, 2008 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Naperville, Illinois (USA)
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