Boot Camp Workout

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Boot Camp Workout (a great workout I used for a recent boot camp class)

Warm up, march, high knees, job in place, low jumping jacks, etc.

Standing glute squeeze with weights behind knee - 15 reps holding on to something sturdy place 1 dumbbell behind knee, squeeze glute and lift up leg, keeping leg tightly squeezing dumbbell

Quad leg extensions - stand with knee lifted weight on quad, knee stationary, extend lower leg out and in- 15 reps

Cardio burst - step up variations, repeater knees, repeater ham curls, etc.

Goal post bicep curls - 15 reps arms out like a goal post, palms facing in curl in and back up
Regular bicep curls - 15 reps
Overhead tricep extensions - 15 reps, keeping wrists together and elbows close to head

Cardio burst - we ran to picnic tables by our lake

Side leg lower off bench of picnic table - (1 legged squat) 15 each side balancing on bench

Short run again - to some place with a wall or tree to stand against

1 minute wall squat - in seated position the whole time

Short run

Inner & outer side leg lifts on mats with 1 dumbbell 15 reps each position

Repeat all (2 minute wall squat second time)

Glute squeeze on mat, on back 4 variations - lift hips and squeeze glutes: knees & feet apart, knees together, feet together, both together 15 each position

Seated kayaks with dumbbells - 30 reps - sit back knees bent engage abs and row with dumbbells side to side like rowing a kayak

Regular crunches - 30 reps

Side plank - hip dip 15 each side

Cool down, stretch

Great workout - a lot of burn

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