Long Lever Abs

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16824)

Lay prone on the floor (face down) with legs extended straight out on the floor. Arms are straight above you on the floor.

Using one 3 pound weight (4 pound at the most), lift your head and bring the right arm straight out toward the right leg, which is extended straight up above your hips (180 degree position). Stay on the right arm, right leg for 20 counts, and switch sides (left leg, left arm).

**The modification would be to keep one knee bent, or bend both knees.

You can now advance this by by doing the same motions, however you cross sides....right arm towards left leg, and left arm towards right leg (stay on one side for 20, then change).

You can change it up one last time if you wish, by simply extending both hands with the weight straight out above your chest, you legs are extended straight above your hips, and just rise with upper body towards the extended legs/feet.

Want to include transverse abdominus? Put your soles of the feet together, flare the knees out (butterfly position) and lift upper body with the weight extended straight out, towards the feet.

Remember to remind them to press navel to spine, and spine to floor, as they tire, they will start to lift and relax their abs. Breathe out on the exertion, which is the lift, which helps them to flatten the abs down tight.

Any questions, comments? Please feel free to email me. Thanks for all of the great help at this site.

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