March Athletic Training Circuits

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Hi, all! I teach a class every other Tuesday called "Athletic Training". I use that to mean high rep, low choreography cardio plus weight training. Below is the workout that I am using for the month of March. Hopefully you will find it useful, or at least some of it's parts!

First some notes. I used music at 132bmp, a step, and two sets of hand weights. There are three circuits, each one consists of the following: a cardio segment on the step, a kickbox kicking drill, repeating the cardio segment but with more intensity/power options, lower body weights, a kickbox punching drill, and upper body weights. Before beginning, a took them through a brief hi/lo style warm-up.


Circuit #1

Circuit #2

Circuit #3

Cool down, leg stretch


Notes on the pattern:

** For the warm up, I did each move 32 counts each two times through, and then 16 each. For example, 32 counts of walk to the side and turn on 4, then 32 counts of a side step (or step touch). That twice through. Then 16 counts each twice through. Then on to the next pair.

** For circuit #1, I did knees corner to corner in singles, repeater 3's, and repeater 7's, roughly 64 counts each. Then went through the same series using glutes. Remember to repeat the cardio series after the kick series, but with more intensity. i.e. lifting the glute repeaters or adding an up-and-back move to the knee repeaters. The lunges are singles, pulse 3 and stand, and then low ends (thank you Cathe!), about 64 counts each. The low ends are down then halfway up, either 3 or 7 times, depending on how you feel. I did the jabs in this circuit slow, single count, then double time, about 64 counts each.

** For circuit #2, I started with L-steps, then added knees to it, then made the middle knee a side kick over the step. After the side kick drill on the floor, I did side steps on to the step rather than go back to the L's - they were pretty tired of them! Same format for squats and the upper cut drill in this circuit as the lunges and jab drill above.

** For circuit #3, the kick drill here combines the lower body exercise and kick drill together, by squating one way and performing a round house kick the other. Remember to change sides, then head back to the step for the cardio segment with intensity. In this circuit, we did the hooks slow and tempo, but not double time. For the upper body weights, we did a one-armed row holding two weights, then put one down for the one-armed kickback. About 16 of each. Then change sides.

Have fun with this, and email with questions!
We were all sweating a lot!

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