This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 16808)

This is not my original idea--I have taken it from a favorite source and modified it several times. It works well with 8 count-- you can add to the count and if you have a big pool you can travel-- you can also do this in deep water if your pool permits-- but need buoyancy belts. This workout is also continuous no stopping... it lasts for an hour-- all levels can participate. I recommend you practice this first before you teach it--

Remind the class to stay tall and tightand to breathe ...

*Tip: All stars transition into the next ...


(I usually warm up with this star by making the count 30 versus 16 and all other stars count stay at 8 or 16)

1.) start with front knee lifts arms in opposition (right leading leg) (count on right leg only-- count 16)

Transition with 4 more knee lifts ...

2.) after fourth knee lift go right into alternating knee lifts with added front kick-- still counting right leg only but alernating legs or kicks...

Transition with 4 more alternating front kicks ...

3.) after fourth kick go back into Knee lifts only (counting left leg only--count 16) ...

When you have done the left leg ... transition with 4 front knee lifts with added kicks ... back into Knee lifts ... repeat steps 1 and 2. this time after the transition you will ADD 16 Ski's or strides...(long legs and arms open in a scissor fashion)

Transition with 4 extra ski's or strides back into knee lifts and repeat on the left side.

After you complete star one you are on the left side ski transition into...


1.) Side Knee lifts (knees point left and right similar to a crab walk-- arms can swing in front for assistance) right leg leads... count right leg only while alternating knee lifts count 16...

Transition with 4 more side knee lifts into side kicks---

2.) alternate side kicks right leg leads--leg motion similar to a pendulum except knee comes up to side and kick out... count 16 on right....

Transition with 4 more side kicks ... back into side knee lifts-- repeat all on left side (count left leg only).

Repeat steps 1 and 2 at the end of step 2's transition add a X-jack (right ankle crosses left ankle arms jack out)

Transition with 4 more x-jacks-- repeat steps 1 and 2 on left side add left side x-jack after step 2's transition ...

After you complete star two you are in left side x-jack transition into...


1.) Jog arms in opposition--right leg leading count 16 on right leg

Transition with 4 more jogs into mule kicks-- a mule kick pulls knee up towards chest and kicks back or digs heel back-- force comes from the butt-- the torso stays high arms go forward to assist--(RIGHT LEG ONLY for 16)

2.) Mule kick right leg only

Transition with 4 more mule kicks back into jog

3.) repeat steps 1 and 2 on left side

4.) repeat steps 1 and 2 again on right side after step 2 transition add a back lunge-- make it as easy or challenging as possible-- go back and repeat all on left side

After you complete star 3 you will be at left leg back lunge (4) after the fourth go right into


1.) Half knee lift counting right leg only but alternating legs (count 16) [a half knee lift is not straight forward or out to the side but in between-- if you look down legs appear to for a letter V )

Transition with 4 more 1/2 knee lifts add kick

2.) 1/2 knee lift and kick counting right leg only count 16

Transition with 4 more 1/2 knee lifts and kicks back into 1/2 knee lifts only

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on left side ....

After you complete left side go back to right side after step 2's transition (Which will be 4 1/2 knee lifts with kick-- after fourth-- hold the leg straight out bend it in so thigh is parallel with pool floor--ankle and knee is in a straight line-- with leg bent at 90 degree open the thigh in and out-- right leg only for 16--

Go back to steps 1 and 2 and repeat all on the left side ....

After you complete star 4 transition of 4 more thigh in and outs after the fourth go right into ....


1.) Hopscotch right leg leads (count 16 right leg only while alternating hops) [a hopscotch takes right heel and brings it across back of left thigh towards butt and vice versa in a bounce or step--reach hands back towards heel and slap right heel with left hand and left heel with right hand to be sure form is good and stay tall)

Transition with 4 more hopscotch into low back kicks (right leg ONLY)

2.) Kick back focusing on hamstring arms assist to the front-- count 16 (RIGHT LEG ONLY-- do not kick left leg yet)

Transition with 4 more kicks

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on left side

After you complete left side go back to right side... complete steps 1 and 2 after step 2's transition

3.) Bring knee from back to front and rocking horse for 16 to 32 count (you choose)

Transition with 4 more rocking horse on right leg and go back to all repeat on left side

After star 5 you will transition with last 4 rocking horse on left side go right into ....


1.) X- knee lift (counting right leg only for 16) [x knee lift is a knee lift where right knee crosses towards left side of body in a knee lift motion-- hip surgery people should keep knees forward]

Transition with 4 more x knee lifts

2.) Hold right knee across the body as you hammer kick heel out--called a low kick-- foot should also be flexed to form a 90 degree angle at the ankle so foot looks like (left)

Transition with 4 more low kicks

Repeat steps 1 and 2 on left side

After left side transition go back to steps 1 and 2 on right side ... after step 2 transition ...

3) Add high kick (or leg swing)-- after final low kick right leg is fully extended ... swing leg back with flexed foot and then swing all the way back forward with pointed toe-- count 16 -- [keep abs tight--and stabilize body with arms and abs]

Transition with 4 more high kicks/leg swings on right leg

Go back to top and repeat all on left side

After star 5 is complete you will be on final 4 leg swings on left leg go right into


(only 1 transition at beginning) I use this as a cool down I keep it slow and controlled-- this should only be done quickly by very strong aqua aerobics athletes! :)

Start with knee lifts 16 count-- transition with 4 xtra knee lifts
2.) to the Knee lift with front kick on right side only
3.) The kick to the right side--
4.) Then kick to the back right leg only and
5.) then from the back leg is full extended swing leg forward--

Go right back into knee lifts and repeat on other/left side repeat as many times as needed

This is not as complicated as it seems! It is really fun and challenging-- a favorite with my girls. Again, try it before you teach it!!!! It is basically an add on format!!!

Hugs and good luck!!!!

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