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Hi all, we did this class last night and my students had so much fun I just had to share. I hope you can use.

Jump rope 2 minutes


Then we did storytime (got this idea from turnstep awhile ago, I can't remember from who but what a great idea). I read Little Rabbit Foo Foo. I had my students just kinda like run around the room, I stood on top of my step with the book open so the could see the pictures and read them the story each time I said Rabbit they had to stop and do 10 squats (everybody counting), Bopping- 10 squats, Fairy -10 lunges and Goonie 10 jump and switches. The people walking around the track and using the leg machines were cracking up. This is quite a workout so I decided to give them a break. Next we went down to the basketball court, I had them partner up (we had 12 in class so 6 teams) and I gave them wooden spoons and eggs and they did a race doing a suicide. The first person went and if they dropped their egg they had to start from the beginning if they got through and the next person dropped only they had to start from the beginning, they loved it. I bought the winning twosome a drink. Next they went back upstairs, grabbed the body bars and went outside and did walking lunges (bars overhead)to this little building we have about a football field away and it has a slight upgrade, drop their bars run down to the road back up grab their bars and run back to the Fitness Center, they were dying. Next I had them get in a big circle (still outside, it was gorgeous out) facing outward squat down low and pass a 5 lb. medicine ball around switching directions whenever I called (legs burning). Final stretch, back upstairs and finished off with 2 sets of partner abs and ABC plank (also from someone from Turnstep). And that was all we had time for. Stretched and talked.

I hope you can use some of this, I believe in making class fun and interesting, next week we're going to do a water balloon toss at the end of class to cool off. Have fun teaching!


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From: Eighty Four, Pennsylvania (USA)
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