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Hey guys! I've gotten so many great ideas from you, I've decided to try and give back, hope you like it! They moan and groan about countdown, but they secretly love it! This is a shallow water workout, unless you wanted to be really mean. :)

Your choice of warm up

Here are the moves, you can use your own, but I like these:

Start out by going through the list and doing 12 of each move. They move on your count. After they do 12 of each, they run 6 laps. (One lap is from one end of the pool to the other side, the short way!) Wait for everyone to run their laps and start over again at the top of the list, this time only doing 11 of each move. After they do 11 of each move, then they run another 6 laps. Then they do 10 of each move and run 5 laps. Then 9 of each move and 5 laps. They do half the number of laps as reps of each move (rounding up). You just keep counting down like that until eventually they end up doing one of each move and running one lap. Then they're done. It usually takes about a half an hour.

Finish with some toning exercises and some ab work, stretch, and then they're outta there!


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