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Hey Guys...I've been teaching and training in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Over the years I've found an increase of laziness and lack of time in the modern day exerciser. This growing problem has increased in the past year by leaps and bounds. True, America is getting fatter and needs our help.

A lot of people out there want a quick, high intensity, simple routine with simple terminology to fit in their busy lifestyles.

Currently I personal train and teach cycling, power abs and Pilates. In my cycling classes, I have found that my clients keep coming back to the power cycling class which is a total of 45 minutes - including stretch.

I base all my workouts on song choice, riding cadence to the beat of the music, utilizing verses and chorus' of songs to depict routine intensity and using imagery to place my clients in a situation condusive to cycling. I also never repeat workout routines...I always mix it up, change my music and most importantly, make it fun.

Here's an example of one of my routines using tension ranges - 1-10

Warm Up - "Incredible" Madonna 6:20 - seated - tension 2-3 (use this time to talk test your clients, make sure newbies are aquainted with their cycle and get a quick overview of who's taking your class)

Sprint/short hills intervals - "Goodbye" Army of Anyone 4:37
on the verse of song - sprints - tension 1-2
on the chorus of song - standing climb - tension 6-7

Jog/hover intervals - "American Boy" Estelle ft. Kanye West 5:05
verse of song - standing jog - tension 5 (increase tension by 1 as verses repeat)
chorus of song - hover - tension 5 (constantly remind clients proper posture for hovering)

Jumps - "Mr. Blue Sky" ELO 4:04
verse of song - 8 up 8 down - tension 3
chorus of song - 4 up 4 down - tension 3
* the end of song has a built in recovery time to drink some water and wipe sweat :)

Isolation Intervals - "LoveStoned" Justin Timberlake 4:55
verse of song - standing jog - tension 6
chorus of song - isolation (no bounce) - tension 6

"Hands Free" - "She Wants to Move remix" N.E.R.D. 4:46
verse of song - seated high tension 7 riding cadence to beat
chorus of song - double time cadence
*oh yeah and with no hands! work on posture using trunk muscles to isolate movement

"The Races" - "The New Transmission" Lost Prophets 3:33
Group your class in 3
First verse and chorus
Group 1 - Sprint - tension 2 (motivation encouraged here to race their group members)
Group 2 - Standing climb - tension 8
Group 3 - Hover - tension 5 - rotate tasks for the next 2 verse/chorus intervals

Steep hill/double cadence interval - "Sunday Morning" No Doubt 4:33
verse of song - standing climb - half time cadence - tension 8-9
chorus of song - standing climb - single time cadence - tension 8-9

Cool down - "Breakdown" Jack Johnson 3:32
A good time to stretch upper body muscles is during this cool down period while heart rates decrease

Stretch - "White Picket Dreams" Solange 4:22
Static stretching on and off cycle - cover big muscle groups related to cycling - quads, calves, hamstrings, glutes, back muscles

Total workout time 45:47

Have fun out there and get yo work on!

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