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Hi folks

Here is just a single 64 count block that changes lead. Counts 39-48 are from Rebecca Small at ECA Thrive in Miami.

I usually combine this with the second 64 count block of my combo #8, but I didn't want to just repeat an old combo here. They do fit together nicely ' or at least I think so'

'Named' moves are detailed at the end, and alternate layers are given for moves with * by them.

If you have questions or comments, please email me, and please put 'turnstep' somewhere in the subject line!


- Sue

64 COUNT BLOCK - changes lead)


'double turnback knee' left/right (8 counts, does not change lead) - like a single turnback knee, but do two in a row to the two back corners of the room as if there were benches there, before returning to the bench

'Left-up-left' right (also can call it left-up-turn-left, 8 counts, does not change lead): knee right off right end of bench and turn clockwise as you exit to face the back of the room, knee left off the end of the bench and exit normally to end up north of the bench facing the back of room

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From: Hermosa Beach, California (USA)
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