Some Drill Ideas

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I few ideas that I came up with. I usually use these as the last drill of a workout to really max everyone out.

Fantastic 15s:

15s seated sprint - 15s standing sprint - 15s tunnel (hover) sprint - 15s recovery (repeat). Prompt your class to make sure they have enough resistance on the wheel when they're transitioning from seated to standing so they don't go out of control. Usually X4 will be more than enough.

Racing Hills:

Start sprinting in a seated position, then transition to a standing climb. The climb should be steep and FAST - the point it to 'race' up the hill to the finish line.

Tension add on:

Climbing at a moderate hill on a fast cadence, increase tension to heavy hill while keeping the same cadence - I usually cue add-ons during a chorus of a song so the class can zone into the music and keep the pace up.

Up and Overs:

(almost the reverse of a racing hill) Start with moderately high tension out of the saddle. Start a standing sprint, then transition to a seated sprint without changing the tension. Use the momentum from the standing sprint to carry over into the seated sprint. Seated sprint should be fairly heavy.

Sprints around the clock:

This I use instead of an open road song.
10 s sprint - 50 s rest
20 s sprint - 40 s rest
30 s sprint - 30 s rest
40 s sprint - 20 s rest
50 s sprint - 10 s rest
60 s sprint
I prompt the class the use the long rests in the beginning as recovery. As the sprints get longer and the rests get shorter, the class will automatically re-warm up for the second half of the class. Reversing this would be a great segue into a cool-down as well.

Hope this inspires a few of you! Comments and questions always appreciated!!!

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