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This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 16893)

Hi all! I just wanted to share some of my fun combos and formations with everyone, I feel so lucky to have a website like this to come to for ideas.

Pinwheel step is very basic, even though the formation of the step class looks a bit complicated, BUT it's truley not. If you can teach step, you can teach PINWHEEL!

Set up your class as follows with (4) pinwheels:

***(1) pinwheel has 4 benches (see below)
                                x x x       x x x

**Going counterclockwise (right foot will lead)
**Going clockwise (left foot will lead)

The last (4) counts will move you to the next bench and the last (4-8) counts of your fourth combo will turn you around going the other direction, that's when your lead foot will change over. "Switch" means that you will be switching to the next bench.

*See below for further direction

Combo 1

Combo 2

Combo 3

Combo 4

--Start at the top with Combo #1 with other foot leading

*A-Turn-A: A-step over the bench with an immediate turn into the bench followed by another A-step over the bench. You will be facing the other direction than when you started. This is an 8 count move.

*Tight Rope: Knee up in one corner (1-2), walk back for counts (3-4-5) other knee up on the floor on count (6) walk back to bench for counts (7-8). You can switch to kicks for a higher option.

Hope this helps!

Happy Friday!!!

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