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I teach a sport conditioning class and I do not have a lot of time to set up for it so I try to teach the station set ups at least two weeks in a row so people can help out faster the second week getting set up. I have anywhere from 8-25 people per class which varies with weather. Enjoy! I love the ideas people have shared so please keep them coming!

Each station is 60-90 seconds with quick changes to the next station

Station 1 - Side lunges - starting on top of the bench

Station 2 - Agility drill

 ^ ^
 ^            ^

Station 3 - Sprints

Station 4 - Bosu with trunk rotation

Station 5 - Wall squats - "how low can you go?"

Station 6 - Jump rope

Station 7 - Canoe down the river

Station 8 - Swimming

Station 9- sitting on ball or standing shoulders

  \    Left arm in a diagonal towards upper left corner elbow soft
        \ right arm diagonal down towards right lower corner
elbows bend as the arms come back to the center of the body
alternate or do 30x each side (reverse arms as you alternate)

Station 10 - Abductors

Station 11 - Slides

Station 12 - Bosu jumps with sprinting back to beginning

Station 13 - Heavy bars - like in powerflex with weights on the ends

Station 14 - Tricep dips (or tricep extension of dips are a problem)

Station 15 - bicep curls - bar or heavy free weights front, side combo

Bonus: in between entire round I have everyone run around the room, front, back pedal, side shuffle, karaoke (or football run-side back side front-sometimes calling out stop, switch directions)

End of class Bonus: if I have a small group I have them split in half and play hot potato while standing on one leg with 8 pound ball- I dont pay attention but the person who ends up holding it when the music cuts off has to do crab walks or sprint with it while the rest do jumping jacks or pushups.

I pick and choose the stations to set up but I hope these ideas help and easy to understand.

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