Kickbox the Bag Routine

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 16862)

This is my first submission. I have stolen almost all of this from Michele's Pattern 15199. Feel free to take a look at her submission if it makes more sense. I've just tweaked it a bit adding some other moves that I found on this site in order to make a bag routine that's really fun! Each combo is 32 counts/each line is 8 counts. I also noted the counts for the moves themselves to avoid confusion. I didn't note Right/Left, but hopefully you can make it flow easily for you.

Combo A

Combo B

Combo C

*Quick hopturns = 1 count wide double leg hop x2 180 degrees facing east wall and west wall to put you back to where you started the hops.

**Knee/kick series = left knee/right front kick - left knee/right roundhouse kick - left knee/right sidekick - left knee/right back kick leaving you with your back to the bag.

***With back to bag, strike bag with right elbow then hammer right back fist into bag, pivot to front while striking bag with meaty base of left palm, then with right hand lean in and strike with front of fist as though stabbing someone in the stomach with a knife. (if any of this hurts the participant's wrist they may hook instead of palmstrike and shovel or uppercut instead of doing the knife.)

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