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Hi folks -

Here are three 32 count blocks that fit nicely together. All three change lead so you can do each individually, or put them all three together.

"Named" moves are detailed at the end, and alternate layers are given for moves with * by them.

If you have questions or comments, please email me, and please put "turnstep" somewhere in the subject line!


- Sue

FIRST BLOCK (32 COUNTS - lead changes)

Counts 1-8 are from Abbie Appel at ECA Thrive 2007 - many thanks!!!

SECOND BLOCK (32 counts - changes lead)

Counts 1-12 of this are taken directly from Robert Steigele at IDEA in Las Vegas this year - many thanks!

THIRD BLOCK (32 counts - changes lead)


"three count tippy-tap right" (3 counts, changes lead): right foot on bench at west end (as if starting a repeater) on count 1, left foot taps on ground forward towards NW corner and then back towards SE corner for counts 2&3; (this is usually, for me anyway, used preparatory to stepping forward on putting weight on the left foot towards NW corner to start going around the end of the bench

"dip" left (3 counts, starts and ends on top of the bench, changes lead): from top of bench facing east wall, left foot pushes down onto the ground to the north of the bench (count ), right and left feet recover back up onto bench with a very slight turn counterclockwise so you are on top of the bench facing straight north (counts 2 and 3) - NOTE this is not a lunge!!!

"step-knee right" (2 counts, changes lead), step with right foot, pick left knee up

"L-U-L" right (also can call it L-U-turn-L, 8 counts, does not change lead): knee right off west end of bench and turn clockwise as you exit to face the back of the room, knee left off the end of the bench and exit normally to face back of room (it's really just putting a little turn in the middle of the L-step)

"crossover" right (4 counts., some folks call this a weave - like an over-the-top, but without the tap, faces same wall the whole time, changes lead): right foot on bench, left leg swings up behind & over, left foot down on other side of bench, right foot down outside left foot


The 2 x regular straddle left can be 2 x "knee-straddle run-run-run" left; the "knee-straddle-run-run-run left" is a 4 count move which does not change lead: left foot on bench on count 1, right knee up on count 2, do a sort of triplet on ground straddling the bench right-left-right (count -and-4)

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From: sunny Hermosa Beach, California (USA)
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