Spring Break Steppin'

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 16955)

Horizontal bench / All combos are self-reversing, 32 counts. and begin with the right foot lead.

Combo 1:

Combo 2:

Combo 3:

Combo 4:

Combo 5:

*Ham-skate: 3 alternating ham-curls on the bench exiting to floor after last curl. 8-count move

*Indecision lunge: up right-up left, lunge right-left, exit to the right side of the bench. If left foot lead, up left-right, lunch left-right, exit left of the bench. Turnstep.com teaches this as an up-up, straddle-straddle, up-up, exit opposite side. You can do this as well because the counts are the same and you end up in the same place. It also can be taught like asplit basic but with direction moving to the other side of the bench.

*Heelwalk: Just like corner/corner heel except the 5-6-7-8 count (the second corner heel) is toward the back of the room. Also referred to as a party walk by some instructors.

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