Quick Turn Kick Combo

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 17038)

Begin right lead (right foot forward) in fighter's stance (hands up):

(4): Right step back to rear right elbow (1), left foot step back (2) to right-side kick (3-4,toward front)

SAFETY: Cue rear elbow to be at shoulder height, and to not surpass back line - stop rear elbow inline with upper back.

(4): Reverse left leg round house kick toward front (1-2, weight on right leg, reverse spin counter clockwise, left kick toward front). left leg should now be lead leg.

Right down elbow (3-4) toward front (left) knee in deep lunge position

(8): *Left front kick, right side kick, left knee strike, left front kick

*Advanced option for this 8-count: Left front kick, right side kick, left knee strike, to plyo-left kick off of the knee strike.

Self-reversing - should end with left foot lead to begin a left step back to rear left elbow.

Have fun! This can be a brain-teaser for beginner kickboxers, and a unleashed, get-after-it option for your advanced students. - T

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