1 arm dumbells

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 17039)

In my deep water class, and also my shallow water class,sometimes i will give the clients only 1 dumbell.


When jogging around in a big circle or up and down the pool, both arms make the same movements. Hold in right hand for about 16 counts than swap. Keep swapping. So jogging arms, breast stroke arms, water wheel arms, alternate breast stroke arms. Hold dumbell in front with 1 hand while swimming kicking with legs,swap. while side swimming hold lower arm out to the front with dumbell while the top arm stays still to the side of the body. Walking forward while dragging the arm with the dumbell behind you (keep body facing forward) Swap.

Staying stationary, punch with both arms but holding dumbell in 1 hand only, swap. so, punch forward, punch down, punch across the body, upper cuts, long arm push downs from the front ,long arm push downs from the side.

Hold dumbell out to the side (slight bent elbow), other arm straight out front on the surface of the water, pull dumbell down and across the front of the body very close to the torso also behind the torso, swap.

Laying prone on the surface of the water, both arms make the movement but dumbell in 1 hand. Push downs, cross overs, water wheel arms, REVERSE, long arms toward the surface then towards your belly button, (in shallow can use a noodle under the tummy to keep them floating)

Jogging, knees up, then tapping your ankles 1 hand with the dumbell, one with your fingers, swap. With 1 hand and dumbell ,tap your opposite ankle then kick that leg out to the side and back to the dumbell, swap. Finally tap the ankle in front, kick out to the side than tap foot with dumbell behind your body, repeat, then swap.

All these moves can be done in the shallow too but the clients really need to ground their feet to stop too much moving around, if they do, ask them to move to shallower levels. I find with only the one dumbell people have to really use their core to keep their balance.

Hope you can use this, reply if you need to..Kathy

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