BOOTCAMP "Tag! You're It!"

This is a [Other] pattern from (pattern 17040)

The following format suits a 45 minutes class. (They will have worked to failure by :45)


Partners (P): shuffle tag

Partners (P): resistance tag

Partners (P): lunge tag

Individual stations for remaining tasks:

1) weighted bar (female @ 45 pounds, male @ 60-80 pounds)
2) plyo box (18 - 24 inchdes)
3) an "I can do this" attitude!

Circuit is as follows:

CRITERIA-FAULT! If there is a break in the task criteria, tell them "NO" on that rep - they must complete 21-15-9 "Good Reps" to successfully conquer circuit. So, faulty reps will add time.

It's a tough one, but your advanced Bootcampers will love it.

TIME WINDOW: If time allows, finish with abs-plank variations. These will be tough, because they involve the shoulders, already spent.

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From: Bayfield, Colorado (USA)
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