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Hi all. Been awhile. Lately I have forgone the 4 or 5 32 count combos, in favor of 1 long 160 count combo (if you don't have enough time do 128).

I break down and layer a couple of moves, then put them together. Break down and layer the few moves, add them to my first few moves (using filler if necessary) and so on, until I reach 160 counts. During the entire set, there are several lead changes of course and after 160 counts, the entire combo reverses.

Tap Free - advanced

Total 160 reverses

Stomp & rock - stomp right foot at west small end (2), right foot rocks back behind left (2)

Shuffle turn - from small end. Right step lift left knee, right foot on floor squat, lifting left foot slightly on step, tic toc right and left, exit north facing back right and left

V-Tap - step up right into a V, tap left foot on bench beside right, left foot away on bench, tap right foot beside left, lift left knee & exit.

3 Ham on top & straddle - self explanatory

Shuffle straddle, like a shuffle turn, but ends in the straddle position (do this 2 times), once with each foot.

A-straddle - do an A-step into a straddle

A-revolve - do as above, but exit no tap

Next move is off the small end, right on bench, lift left knee, left foot on floor, lift right knee, right foot to floor, kick left foot, walk, walk left and right. Left foot then pivot back toward the bench

2 Back lunges - split basic exit to small end

2 Side lunges - exit to home no tap face east

1 V-step on the floor, followed by a single glute

1/2 weave, double curl, rock back, double curl exit. Step up right, cross left foot behind, while lift right foot off bench (3), right foot back to bench (1), double curl repeater left (4), rock back on floor left, lifting right foot off bench (1), right foot back onto bench (1), double curl repeater left, exit north side left & right, total 16 counts

L-step away. Start as with a usual L, step off side, down down on side of step, take a step away from the bench, kick other foot, walk, walk back to bench

Hop on, Hop off, hop on, exit. From the small end, hop onto the bench with 1 foot, holding the other foot in a curl for 2 counts. Hop back onto floor North or South with the curl left, holding the other knee up for 2 counts, hop back up with the knee left, holding the other leg curled for 2 counts, exit to floor. THis moves will finish either North or South, depending on the lead leg.

Walk diagonal (4)

With Diagonal lead leg (outside leg), mambo cha cha (no turning). WIth inside leg mambo cha cha no turning.

With lead leg, step away from bench, lift opposite knee, walk, walk back to bench

Stomp the foot on the bench, over the bench, on the bench, rock back on floor

Leg extension, halfway around the world.

Turning L (no tap), start your left but turn as you go so off Right Side, turn to face back wall, finish on North side facing back

1/2 revolve will complete the 160 counts and change leads.

Please email questions.


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