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Hi. Thank you everyone for sharing such excellent ideas, please keep this site alive with your workout posts. I teach all kind of Interval training, Boot camp, Circuit training, Strength training, Aerobics, Step Aerobics, Pilates and Ashtanga Yoga. This site was the first help I took when I started teaching 10 years ago....keep up the good work. Following is one of my Circuit training routine I am presently doing; I usually make five stations with 2 cardio stations and 3 stations of upper body, lower body and abdominal. You can make sets in each station according to the number of students you have, e.g if I have ten students, then I arrange 2 sets to one station so 2 students work side by side. I like to work with two rounds of circuit, you can always repeat the first round or continue with the second round.Work for 1 minute or 2 minutes,according to your student's intensity.


Upper Body - first station
Killer push-up: Works chest, shoulders, arms, abs
Start in push-up position on knees and hands. Press hips forward so you are in incline position. Bend elbows and lower torso until chest is about 6 inches above floor. Contract abs and forcefully push off palms, propelling body off floor as high as you can. Drop gently back onto hands and continue pushing up and down.

Cardio - second station
Double hop: Works legs, butt
Stretch rope straight out on ground. Stand alongside one end with feet together, elbows bent at sides. Bend knees slightly then hop forward and diagonally to other side of rope. Land softly on balls of feet, then quickly jump forward and to other side of rope. Continue to end of rope, turn around and complete rep by repeating hops back to start.

Abdominal - third station
Lift and Reach: Strengthens: Transverse abdominis and oblique.
Lie flat on back with arms reaching overhead and legs extended along the floor with stability ball between ankles.
Contract abs to bring spine in neutral position, inhale and bend knees. Lift ball off floor and raise legs to a 45-degree angle. Exhale for 5 counts while using abs to roll head and shoulders up off floor, simultaneously lifting arms and reaching towards the ball. Keep legs high while lowering arms and torso.

Cardio - fourth station
Cancan: Works legs, butt, arms, core
Stand with feet together, arms at sides. Hop on right foot, kicking left leg forward at hip level and reaching right arm up and left arm out to side at shoulder height. Hop to left leg, switching arms as you kick right leg forward. Alternate right and left for entire time.

Lower Body - fifth station
Lateral and Diagonal Leg Liftè2 mins 1 minute on each leg
Strengthens: Outer/Inner thighs; butts; hams; upper hips.
Wear ankle weight and stand with left side to a chair, place left hand on chair back for support, right hand on hip. Legs straight left toes pointed forwards and right toes out to 45 degree. Abs tight tailbone down to floor. Squeeze butts and press right leg out and up to right side, lifting as far as staying within alignment. Lower and then lift the same leg back diagonally.

I will be back with the second round... :)

Feel free to contact if you need more explanation

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