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I did this on New years eve as a finisher to my indoor Bootcamp class, they were dead by the end of it and loved it.

The goal for this one is to move a bunch of stuff from one end of the room to the other.

I work in a gym and the class is in the group X studio, I set up a group of medium sized hurdles and had them do double leg bounding over them, once they finished they sprinted to the other side of the room grabbed a body bar and alternated (each trip) over head walking lunges and over head toe walks back to the starting point.

I have a few people with knee and shoulder issues, so instead of jumping they could give me 10 squats at whatever depth was comfortable, and I let the shoulder issue people lower the bars to their chest.

Once they finish with that I had them move the bars back to the rack as a rest interval and finished with 3 sets of suicide sprints (out 5 meters, back to start, out 10 meters, back to start etc..)

I played around with them too, throwing duck walks and other fun stuff at them when they were moving the bars to keep it interesting. It's a great team builder since they're all working towards the same goal

Stay Strong


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