Fun with resistant bands

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If your gym has resistant bands they can add a great dimension to water aerobics in toning muscle. When I use them I avoid standing on them or letting them touch bare skin anywhere because they do pinch.

1. Pull-downs -- putting hands through end loops grab the band in the middle (about 6 inches of tube between hands) hold it up above head then pull it out and back behind body as low as you want to go. Release over head.

2. Side Curls -- from a square arm position pull both arms out to side and curl back in -- band is held behind the head to work triceps

3. Reverse flys -- hold band out in front of body chest height and pull out to sides. After singles do some where you slow it down and hold the exertion portion for 4 counts.

4. Diagonal pulls -- both arms behind back pull away from each other, one arm going to ceiling the other to floor diagonally.

5. Arm extentions -- hold one arm straight up in air the other straight to side then bend side arm in and out. Do the same with the opposite side.

6. Row-ins -- for this one each person needs to get a partner and loop their band through the others. They then hold the handles, one in each hand, and move as far from each other as they can pull. Brace the legs with a wide stance and pull arms from the front to the back bending at the elbows. Pull arms back one at a time then both together.

7. Running in place -- (this is what gets fun) keeping bands looped together one person braces herself at edge of pool holding her loops and the other takes the loops of her band and runs across pool as far as she's able trying to make it to the other side while being held back. After 30-40 seconds switch runner. Pump arms in a running motion when you get good enough. Great work-out!

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