Total Body Boot Camp

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This is a one-hour boot camp class. I love this website and wanted to give back!

Warm-up: Jog the room - 3x clockwise, 3x counter clockwise

Dynamic stretches

Workout: Perform circuit 1 doing the exercises back to back twice, rest 1 minute then perform circuit 2, rest 1 minute and repeat, then perform the entire workout with no rest until the end of both circuits.

Circuit 1: Deadlift (weights in front of the legs), upright row, incline pushups (hands on step bench with 3 risers beneath each end), 20 jumping jacks, repeat

Circuit 2: Stiff-leg deadlift, bent over row, curtsy lunge + biceps curl, knee lifts on step bench -1 minute per leg, repeat

Go through entire workout with no rest between circuits. Rest 2-3 minutes

Cardio Drills: Set up a square on the floor (use as much space as you can. As one person goes through the square drills, the rest of the class marches in place.

The person going through the drills will start at one station, and perform the exercise, then shuffle to the next station and perform the next exercise and continue until finished. That person joins the others who are marching and the next person goes until everyone has gone through the circuit twice (you be the judge of how many times to go through).

*Run in place *20 mountain climbers

*10 Jump squats * Run in place

Cool-down, abs, Deep static stretches.

Enjoy and tell me what you think.

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From: Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
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