Aquatic Exercise Grid

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 16980)

Thanks for thousands of ideas over the years. Hope you like these.

A lot of my workouts are designed in a grid for easy following. The first row explains the type of move and underneath are the actual moves. There are 4 to 8 different types of moves per row and then go on to the next row.

I might do 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 of each move or Add On by doing the first column and then first & 2, next - first, second & third moves, etc.

Side Moves    Front & Back     Quarter Turns     Arms while Jogging
Jumping Jacks Ski              Front kicks       X's w arms
Twist         Zig Zag Hop      Russian           Skipping Rope
Crab          Braided Jog      Punt Kick         Curls w arms
Heel Clicks   Leap Frog        Tuck Clap         Punch Across
Tick Tocks    Hop Scotch       Karate Kicks      Figure 8's
Grapevine     Front kicks      Sailor's Jig      Fountain
Shuffle       High Knee Jogs   Cross Kicks       Bongo Arms
Carousel      Lunge & Punch    Twist             Paddle Wheel
Side Jogs     Hop on one foot  Elbow to Knee     Breaststroke
Leap          Wide Leg Jog     Donkey Kick       Airplane

Other categories for my columns include: Power Drill, Rebounding, Front-Side-Back, Speed Drills, Suspension, Singles & Doubles, right Side-Left Side *8-6-4-2), Easy, double Time, Plyometrics, 8 Slow - 16 Fast - 8 Slow, Power Moves with Tucks, Cross Lateral Moves.

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