Virtual Reality 2

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I posted "Virtual Reality Ride" and got great feedback (it's my favorite ride). I had sinced added Virtual Reality 2 and 3 but never posted them. I'm finally getting to it!

Virtual Reality 2 Overview
Total CD time: 69 minutes. Goal: disassociate / tune in to music and imagination. Today you need is an imagination and a sense of adventure. While we are still doing safe road bike skills, we are going to disassociate from our bodies, cueing in to the music and our imaginations instead of how we feel. I'll give occasional intensity cues to keep us on track. Put on your virtual reality goggles. We're in a series of video games. It's an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

NOTE: I can no longer find the version of Misty Mountain Hop that is on this cd. I've been asked for it, but can't remember where I got it. The original (Led Zeppelin) version will work, but this version was a hip/hop version of it is really fun! The Sky High and Somewhere Over the Rainbow songs are aerobic versions of those songs made for aerobic cds.

For Those Who Want More Detail:

#1 Such Great Heights: WarmUp
Profile: Warm-up and introduction
BPM/RPM: 180/90
Intensity: Easy to Endurance 4/5
Musical Interpretation
Enough resistance to feel the road. Practice adding enough resistance to stand.
This is a different ride. Disassociate. Use imagination. You don't know where we're going next.
Video game. Have a sense of humor and imagination. Can't take it too seriously.
I will still give you some basic cues on intensity occasionally, but it is not our focus.
Let's see if we end up working at least as hard this way.

#2 Twilight Zone: Introduction/Transition
#3 James Bond: Super Car Chase
Profile:Run / Seated-Standing Run
BPM/RPM:#2 irregular / #3 140/70
Intensity: Endurance and Endurance/Edge
Musical Interpretation
#2 Try adjusting to the irregular cadence
#3 Get into your Bond Car...get used to controls...
1:20: get ready to launch
1:42: Launching jet car! Through canyons
2:36: landing gear/ activate hydraulics
3:00: Stand! landing on coastal road along Riviera (45 seconds)

#4 Black Pearl: Pirate Adventure
Profile: High Seas adventure: Rolling swells & sword fights
Intensity: Edge
Musical Interpretation
0:43 Stay standing: Big resistance (Blue/8)
:43 - 1:38 Surge! Heavy gear standing: Surge/roll
1:38 - 2:16 DANGER! Thick mist - heavy resistance

#5 Misty Mountain Hop: Climb Himalayas!
#6 Out of Control: Extreme Sports
Profile: #5 HUGE Mountain! Run it like Lance #6 Jumps
BPM/RPM: 140/70 168/84
Intensity: Endurance/Edge Upper Endurance
Musical Interpretation #5
Add gear every 30 seconds. Keep cadence. Sit first 2 minutes, stand for 2 then last 43 keep gear and sit!
Musical Interpretation #6
Skateboarding or Snowboarding! Challenging gear standing then back the gear off to sit but surge on seated
32 counts...16 counts...8 counts

#7 Ride Like the Wind: ET Bike Ride
#8 All Star: Sports Theme
Profile: Climb with headwind then Seated - Standing Climb
BPM/RPM: #7 120/60 #8 100 / 50
Intensity: Upper Endurance
Musical Interpretation
#7 Climbing with headwind
#8 Stand and surge on refrain

#9 Fun, Fun, Fun: Party!
#10 Catchafire: Pokemon - Charmander
Profile:#9 Seated run...option to 'pony' (standing run)
#10 Seated climb with surges
BPM/RPM: #9 160/80 #10 104 / 52 (could double time it)
Intensity: Endurance
#9 Musical Interpretation
Just party! Play volleyball! Drive the T-bird! Whatever you want!
#10 Musical Interpretation
Moving through imaginary world pursuing a fire Pokemon (Charmander)

#11 Surfin' USA: Xtreme Surfing!
#12 Sky High: Asteroids
#11 Musical Interpretation
Riding the barrel...Carving (turning on the wave)
Goofy foot - right foot first...regular footed: left foot forward
Try a layback - lay back on the wave - very difficult
#12 Musical Interpretation
Asteroids: spinning around ...surging ...speeding forward...

#13 Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Oz
#14 Lose My Breath: Pacer
Profile: #13 Wizard of Oz on Steroids!
#14 You are pace-setter for Tour de France!
BPM/RPM: 140 /70 (both?) Intensity: Edge
#13 Musical Interpretation
Wizard of Oz on Steroids!
first min: Cyclone
second min: Pick up Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion
third Min: Fast rolling hills (add 2 back off 1) to Oz
Last 20 seconds: fight the witch get back home!
#14 Musical Interpretation
first min: time trial
second min: Flat country road through wine country
third min: Climb Pyranees
fourth segment: Fly through Paris!

#15 Feel Good Inc. / #16 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Profile:Flying Carpet / Frogger
Intensity: Recover then Endurance then Edge
#15 Musical Interpretation
0-:30 Short Recovery then on Flying Carpet spinning ride which breaks free and sails through air
#16 Musical Interpretation
Frogger: Leaping onto cars, surging forward
0-1:00 Jumps: every 8 to 16 counts
1:00-1:30 Standing run (refrain)
1:30-2:20 Jumps every 8 or 16 counts
2:20-3:06 Standing run (refrain)

#17 Be My Escape / #18 Twilight Zone
Profile: #17 Pac Man or Zelda; #18 Return to reality
Intensity: Endurance
#17 Musical Interpretation
Trying to escape - who holds the key? No way of knowing where to go...Gotta get out of here.
Turning left/right...catching ghost and surging with burst of energy
#18 Musical Interpretation
Return to reality...begin cool down

#19 A Dream is A wish your Heart Makes
#20 The Deep
Profile: Stretch

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