Virtual Reality 3

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I posted Virtual Reality Ride and got great feedback. I finally got around to posting #2 and #3. Enjoy. These are meant for imagination rather than focusing on the drills themselves.

Virtual Reality 3 Overview
Total CD time: 68 minutes 25 seconds. Without Mood Music: 64 minutes. Suggestion to choose either 13 or 14 to make it one hour. Goal: Disassociate / Tune In to music and imagination. We're doing something different today. All you need is an imagination and a sense of humor. While we are still doing safe road bike skills, we are going to disassociate from our bodies, cueing in to the music and our imaginations instead of how we feel. I'll give occasional intensity cues to keep us on track. Put on your virtual reality goggles. We're in a video game. You don't know where we're going next. It's an adventure. Enjoy the ride.

Music notes: Songs #2 #3, #6, #13, and #14 come from aerobic CDs (mostly Cardio Mix or Get Fit Mixes.) Other versions could be used. The rest can be found on iTunes.

1. Molossus
Excitement building...tense & release muscle groups

2. Cold As Ice
Snowboard downhills, cross country ski up them!
0-1:17 add resistance and stand
1:17-1:49 release and surge 10 seconds.
2:04-2:58 add 2 turns, stand 55 seconds.
2:59-3:24 release 1 turn, surge 25 seconds. sit
3:25-4:36 release 1 turn pick up speed 70 seconds.
4:36-5:04 add 3 turns stand

3. Fighter
Morph into kung fu...figher pilot...tomb raider
Stand and attack - morph on refrains! Refrains listed below
0:46-1:13 25 seconds. standing run
1:43-1:59 sit and run
2:27-2:57 31 second. morph by standing run
3:26-3:43 or to end sit and run with resistance

4. Inspector Gadget
Chasing 'Claw' faster and faster pulling out gadgets along the way - spinning fist, claw from head, extra legs
0-:57 (speed up at about 1 minute intervals)
:58-1:21 or to 1:45
2:09-2:54 slows and builds
2:55-end super speed

5. Thunderstorm sound effect
Ride through thunderstorm...recover or through mud

6. Jungle Boogie
Swing from vines, hide from monsters, run loop like roller coasters. 'Get down' means sit!
Totally play with resistance. Keep pace then at random intervals 1 full turn 10 seconds., 2 full turns or 1 1/2 then 3 turns or call numbers right! Left! At random Left 2, right 5, etc.

7. Pyscho
0-:30 creep...stand climb or hover
Jumps with adding resistance. Alternate between being chased and being the chaser!

8. Pain
Hardest seated 1 minute, stand for 30 seconds break
Heardest stand 1 minute
Sit, release some & try surging (about 7-8 resistance)

9. By All Means Captain Recovery

10. Earthquake Family Force 5
Maneuver through crashing buildings
Surge at refrain...first time sitting second time standing

11. Gonna Fly Now
Train with Rocky: bag hits seated 0-:30
30-1:05 jump rope light resistance, picking up pace
1:05 start running through Philly to Philadelphia Museum of Art steps gradually adding resistance every 15 seconds.

12. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Rolling hills, add resistance 8/16 counts release then SPRINT 0:56-1:30 30 seconds. Rolling hills 1:30-2:20
2:20 to end SPRINT 40 seconds.

**DO 13 OR 14**

13. Free Fallin'
Wario Ware: mini games to get to different levels (up a guys' nose) You are a paper airplane and speed up as you fall through maze-like brick walls. Intervals.

14. Ride Like the Wind
Spy flight into and out of clouds.
0-1 add resistance every 10 seconds. first minute climbing
1-2 hold 1 minute.
2-3 surge 20/20/20 with the resistance (g-forces)

15. Pressing On
Pure race for 3 1/2 minutes.

16. Juke Box Hero
Play like Rock Band. Stay with the drum -heavy resistance then stay with guitar with lighter resistance. Stand on refrain, heavy.

17. Pinball Wizard
Slamming into bumpers - I yell, 'HIT!' change to add resistance or Sit to Stand or Surge

18. Just My Imagination / Temptations 3:48 Cool/stretch

19. Nycteris Batman Begins 4:26 Mood

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