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Hello! Last night we had more people than BOSUs, so a few unfortunate folks had to use steps. To compensate, I made everyone with a step get a partner with a BOSU. Halfway through the reps of each exercise, they traded places so everyone had an opportunity to use the BOSU at least part of the time.

Warm-up (marching, shoulder rolls, step touch, toe taps on the BOSU, marching on top of the BOSU, jacks to switch legs, repeat with left lead, jog in place)

Partner up and do a high knee drill (one partner holds his/her arms out at shoulder height, the other has to jog in place with high knees... 45 seconds each partner, then 30 seconds each, then 15 seconds each, then repeat 15 each, 30 each, 45 each... they hated me at this point)

Plie squat with one foot on the BOSU, the other out wide, low plie, very light dumbbells in hands and do alternating jabs while holding the plie, one minute each side

Jump squat onto BOSU, step off right left. After 10, repeat but step off left right for 10 more

Stand on top of the BOSU and do tempo lunges side to side like in step class

Sumo straddles (a personal favorite... straddle the BOSU and stay LOW, jump both feet up onto the BOSU and still stay LOW, step off right left... do 10 reps and then switch to a left right exit, 10 more)

Mountain climber/pushup combo - flip the BOSU over and hold onto the sides... 30 seconds mountain climber, 12 pushups, 45 second mountain climber, 10 pushups, 1 minute mountain climber, 8 pushups

Whew! Sweat galore!

Knee left on BOSU and do a glute squeeze/fire hydrant (heel going straight up to the ceiling), 16 each leg

Crunches on the BOSU

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