Beginner Boot Camp

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I teach a 'Beginner Boot Camp' class at the local Park and Rec. I also teach step at a club and have found that most people are intimidated by the words 'Boot Camp' - but if you put beginner in front of it they seem to be OK. I have about 30 people in my class and they love the routines. Here is one -

Warm up - 4-5 minutes / Walk or jog around gym - add arm pumps - march in place and add some stretches.

30 seconds - Jumping jacks
30 seconds - Jump rope

Toning - Stand on the band in position 2 (both feet), pull hands up on shoulders. Firewalkers (side steps) 4 right/4 left (4 sets) squat and side step (4 sets) - squat and shoulder press 10x - deltoids work. Do everything 3 x.

1 minute Jumping jacks
1 minute Jump rope

Cardio - I have half of the people line up on opposite walls. We do a set of - 30 seconds of mountain climbers - 30 seconds of push-ups - run across gym and back. Then we do 30 climbers - 10 push ups and run - for 3 minutes. (on this one because a lot of my people are beginners we have an option of doing the mountain climbers/push ups on either the floor a step or a chair against the wall. Then everyone goes at their own pace.) After the 3 minutes we sprint across the gym 8 x

Toning - on the step. One leg back - leg dips (until it burns) change legs. March to front of step - tricep dips. To front of step - one leg back on step - leg dips - change legs - one more set of tri dips.

Cardio - March up on step 32 x - run up with arms up 32x - double time 30 seconds. March on top of step - rear lunge slow 32x - long and low tempo 32x - plunges 30 seconds. (entire set 2 x)

Toning/Cardio - my class favorite - BB ladder drills.
On your step - 8 repeater BB shoots to the right - 8 tap ups (leg stays on top of step in squat position - tap lower foot up to step and down), then 4 slow squats. You do 8 of each right - then left - then 16 of each right and left - 24 of each - 32 of each - then back down 24-16-8. This is an awesome leg workout! Don't forget the squats after each set - you will need them!!

A little cool down - 1-2 minutes

On your back - heels on bench - bridge lifts. Doubles / one legged / pulsed and hold up. About 3 minutes.
Abs - 5 minutes
Flex - 5 minutes
(my class is 70 min and this worked out perfect)


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