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Hi guys, the following routine I took from Exercise TV and just did it with my students today as a very light workout....But ...Oh Boy! it is really nice and hard on your legs.

Quick Leg Workout (each move is for 3 sets x 12 reps)

Squat Low & Reach Arms Up. Stand feet slightly wider then hips, abs contracted, chest lifted, shoulder relaxed and back, arms by side, squat low bringing hands in the center towards floor, keep chest open to front and head in line with neck, come up and take arms overhead. Repeat

Skater..Hands held at the lower back. Stand feet together and in semi squat, hands resting on top of each other at the lower back, step right foot out to right and wide, bring left foot close to the right without touching the floor, take left foot out wide to left and touch with right foot, movement is light staying down in squat only.

Combination Side lunge alternate. Stand feet together, arms by side, step right foot out wide to right bending on right knee and left leg straight, place right hand on thigh and bring left arm reaching to the mid line of the body near right foot, keep chest open and head up. Com back to start and repeat on the other side.

Single Leg Squat. Stand feet together lift right foot back and balance on left foot, both arms straight and hands together in front, as you squat low on left foot, reach with hands to a point in front. When come up bring the bend leg knee up and drop arms to side. Work on same leg and then switch leg.

Staggered Squat with explosion. Stand right foot forward staggered in front and down on floor, left foot behind and on toes lightly, arms by sides, squat down keeping left heel up lightly, come up and lift up on both toes exploding high. Repeat to complete reps and then switch feet.

Combination Back and Forward Lunge. Stand feet together, arms bent 90 degree at the elbows in front, step right leg back into lunge, simultaneously bring right elbow forward and left backward, like a runner arms. Come up and take right leg into forward lunge, similarly bring left elbow forward and right back. Come up and take right lag back again to complete the reps. The repeat with other leg.

Quick Abs

Squat into Crossover Knee Tap - 20 reps. Stand feet hip width apart, hold weights in hands with elbows bent and hands close to shoulders, squat low, come up bring left knee up in front, simultaneously bringing right elbow to left knee twisting from the torso, squat low and repeat on other side. Works on the obliques and lower abdominal region.

Side High Kick - 15 each side. Stand feet together, hands together in front of chin like guard, squat low about 45 degree, come up lift right knee from side and behind and kick straight out to right side leaning a little on the left , lower leg and then into semi squat again. Complete all reps and switch legs. Works love handles.

Vertical Leg alternate Crunch - 20 reps each. Lie down on floor with legs extended on floor and arms over head, press lower abs down, lift left leg up over hip and lift upper body up reach with both arms towards the leg. Lower arms back and leg down on floor and repeat with other side.

Side Plank Crunch 10 reps each. Lie on right side with forearm on the floor and legs extended in line with body, shoulders lifted and not sinking. Lift body up holding up on forearms and both feet, avoid sinking from shoulders and torso - lift left arm up over shoulder, hold for 10 second, then lift left hip up about 2 inches and then drop right hip down towards the floor about 4 inches. Repeat to do all reps and change side.

It is almost an hours class though we did only 2 sets of leg exercises. For the second set I used light weights for extra resistance. It was an easy to do but great workout.

Thanks for liking my previous routine.

Samina J

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From: Karachi (Pakistan)
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