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Hi to all you fitball teachers, this is one of my classes I teach, it usually fills up 45 minutes and I use about 115 to 120 bpm music, please get in contact if you dont understand my writing!

I try to work all of our muscles to get a full body muscle conditioning workout!

A sitting,bouncing warmup i.e. heel digs ,star jumps, punches...any upper and lower moves to get the blood pumping...then quick stretch...

Quad workout...bounce to standing 16x, then bounce to standing but only half way up 16x, then keeping bum off the ball lift and lower so that your bum is just touching not bouncing on the ball 16x...repeat this sequence of the 3 moves for 8x each move and do 3 sets all up (they should be groaning)

SITTING ON BALL any upper body workout using weights, biceps, tris, chest, back and shoulders make it a bit interesting I either make them have only 1 foot on floor or both feet off (balancing), or I make them drop one weight or transfer both weights to one hand only,,,great for core and balance.

NOW FOR A FLOWING ROUTINE (I teach each segment and keep adding on till they have it all.....)

Start standing...4x squats raising ball from floor to ceiling, then lower ball slowly to floor, bending knees so you are deep squating... then slowly roll ball out with your forearms till you are doing the plank with tummy OFF ball (don't let them get on their knees) HOLD ...then slowly lower tummy to the ball, and with your feet walk your body along the ball till you can put hands and feet on the floor. Now lift feet off the floor and hold legs straight out so your body is one long plank of wood (cue core, watch they don't let their backs arch) 8 counts walk out with your hands till you have your shins on the ball (you will know to modify for beginners)... jack knife so your knees are bent, while there do one pushup (you will nearly plant your face in to the floor), then come out of jackknife to straight legs again..repeat this jack/pushup combo 4 to 8 x...then slowly walk with hands for 8 count till tummy again resting on ball..Keep body in wooden plank pose, don't let legs can now get them to see if they can balance for a few seconds with arms and legs straight out (hard to do)....then lower legs to the ground, hands off the floor..bending knees put your elbows on the ball and ease yourself back to a squat pose, not using knees, then slowly straighten lifting ball back up into the air..

Takes a while to teach each part adding on as you go, but when they have it I then go through the flow of the full routine 3 to 4 times with no stopping in between each flow through..

If time I then do any ab workout but this week I had them laying on their backs on the floor. Ball is gripped between the feet and 1 start with legs in the air..4 counts legs down to the floor (keep straight legs), then 4 counts back up again..then lifting head off floor we beat the ball like a drum for 8 to 16 counts..I start off with light taps so we don't make much sound for the first round... so it is.....lower legs, lift legs then beat the 3 to 4 sets with short break in between (the harder and louder they beat the ball, the harder they have to squeeze the legs to keep grip). Last round we really try to smack the ball as hard as we can

Finish with a full body stretch and a ye ha for a great workout..

Far out it is so much harder to try and explain moves by writing than doing them, hope you understood!

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