Fall step September 2009

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 17013)

I teach a Sunday AM advanced class. We usually work on a big 160 combo, where I break out smaller pieces, putting it all together as I go, so that in the end we end up with 1 big 160 count combo. Tap free, advanced. Hope this makes it onto the Turnstep sight before Spring 2010. Email questions.

                   North side of step

West end of step                        East end of step

                   Home side of step

Right: Tap, tap, weave, come home (8)

Left: Reverse skate (8)

Right: 1/2 L-step, kick, tap, kick, walk, walk (8)

Right: grapevine home (4), V-step (4)

Right: Twist, exit, pivot (8)

Left: Shuffle up, walk down, chasse x 2 (8)

Right: A-Elvis (4) full reverse turn (4)

Left: 1/2 L-Slide - Double stomp - repeater home (16)

Right: Drag (3), Rock on top into a straddle (5)

  • Right foot starts the drag - finish on North side (3)
  • From north side, step up left in front of right & rock (3)
  • Straddle the bench right & left (2)
  • Right: Knee, rock, stomp (8) stomp, turn, stomp (8)

    Left: Shuffle, drag, reverse shuffle, drag (8)

    Left: Switch, stomp, switch, stomp, straddle (12)

    Left: Any single lever (4). I used a kick

    Right: Grapevine, curl, curl, grapevine (12) - curl - straddle (4)

    Any single lever corner to corner, I used Glute Squeeze (8)

    Left V-up, V-down (8)

    Right: You need an 8 count lead changer, I used a rocking horse.

    Total 160 counts self-reversing tap free

    As usual, email questions, or comments.

    Thanks, Linda

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