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This is my first post on turnstep. Hope you like this workout. You can do this as an accumulator, or do each move right then left or you can just do as it as one long sequence. It gives you a lot of variation. I worked these patterns in 4s with the last one being 3 which changes you to do the pattern on the other side. Doing this at a super step tempo gives a really great workout. Hope you enjoy it!

Warm Up - 5 to 10 minutes - anything you like

Workout (done in sets of 4 / 16 counts)

Repeat pattern 4Xs

Repeat entire pattern sequence to the other side

Split big = Left foot lead - traveling to the right with 3 basics steps, 1 knee lift, right basic split (up, up, step forward right, step back left), turn (straddling the box), hop up both feet, step right down, left down of the end, go back right up, left up, right straddle down, left down, hop (both feet up) hop again (turning back to the front), slow right foot down, slow left foot down & tap, back up tempo step left leg up with a right knee lift with turn, tap down (end up along side the box), left step up, right knee lift turn (end up on the end of the box), go across the top with left foot lead, tap down right, right basic on the end on count, turning to front to come down on count to face the front. Repeat to other side.

Cue it as: Travel 3, 1 knee, up, up, forward, back, turn hop, straddle down, up, up, of the back, up, up, straddle down, hop, hop turn, slow down, down, up tempo step knee turn, step knee turn, over the top, basic around to front, repeat

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

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