SKINNY JEANS Boot Camp Workout

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I love this website! It has given me so many great ideas and helps me to keep my boot camps fresh.

So here we go!!! Skinny Jeans workout:)

Warm up- 6-8 minutes light jogging

When group regathers continue warm up

  1. Kick knees toward butt (1 minute)
  2. Arm circle: small to big then point hands down
  3. Jumping jacks: 30 seconds on then lower down into a squat position and continue the jacks "plyo jacks" 30 seconds
  4. Rope climbers: arms and legs straight and move like you are climbing a rope. Alternating right arm up left leg back and continue for 30 seconds- 1 minute

Now let the skinny jeans begin!

  1. Half seated leg circle: lean back on elbows - point toes and circle right leg clockwise then counter clockwise and then switch. (12 reps/ leg)
  2. Alternate dead lift - 12/ leg and switch
  3. Lateral shuffle with feet at 45 degress. Hands up! 10 to the right 10 to the left. Go for 1 minute
  4. Good Morning bend with light weights - feet shoulder width apart- palms facing forwards. bend over and hold for 5 seconds. 8-10 reps
  5. Stability lunge: lift leg until knee parallel. Raise arms overhead palms facing in. HOLD 5 seconds before dropping into lunge. Step up and then repeat. 12 reps/leg
  6. Skaters step up: start on step, lunge backward, step up and hold 5 seconds. Stand. Repeat 10-12/leg
  7. Single leg plank - leg reach up to 10 inches. Balance 60 seconds/ side
  8. 3 Way lunge - side/ 45 degrees/ straight with kick
  9. Single leg squat - reach opposite hand inside opposite ankle. Repeat 15x
  10. Squat run x 1 minute: lower down into squat position one leg in front of the other. Pump arms while focusing on tight core

ABS and Stretch!


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