Sonia's ABC's of Step (Routine WW - Step & Drills)

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Horizontal step with a side approach. 32 counts, tapless, self-reversing. Right/Left designates which foot starts the move/s. X represents how many times (x) you do a particular move. In parenthesis is the number of counts it takes to complete the move/s. Choreography notes and suggestions follow.

Combo 1

Repeat left

Drill #1
On the floor: Ski for 30 to 60 seconds - High or low impact. Each person skis at their own rate. High impact ski: with right foot forward and left foot back in a very slight lunge position, jump up and switch the position of the feet. Low impact ski: alternate lunges/taps back.

Combo 2

Repeat left

Drill #2
Straddle the step and do football runs for 30 to 60 seconds. Increase the speed until you are running double time. Low impact is marching - get those knees up. If the step between the feet is an issue for some people have them do this drill without the step.

Combo 3

Repeat left

Drill #3
Facing the side of the room repeat these 16 counts 8x (4 x each lead):

(For less conditioned participants repeat this 16 count drill 4x total). Option of doing this facing the front of the step and exiting after the runs as some participants may not be comfortable running/marching on the vertical step.

Optional Combo/Drill 4 (a composite based on the previous combos and drills)

Start near the right corner for this part:

Repeat as desired. Option: do each line for 32 counts (right/left/right/left).

Choreography Notes (lead foot will be the same as above):

Suggestion: After teaching combos 1 and 2 you can put them together either before or after you do the second drill. After you teach the third combo you will want to put all three of them together either before or after the third drill. Repeat as time permits.

*Split Repeater (right lead):
1) step up right,
2) knee lift left,
3) step down left,
4) lunge the right foot over the step to touch the floor in front,
5) step up right,
6) knee lift left,
7,8) step down left and right.

**Charleston ski (left lead)
1-4) left Charleston kick; on count 4 your left foot is back and your right foot is forward,
5-8) jump to switch the position of your feet 4x.
Note - can jump and switch just 2x also.

***Shufflestroll (right lead):
1&2) shuffle right/left/right forward along the step keeping one foot on the step and one foot on the floor,
3,4) walk forward on the floor left and right,
5,6) pivot towards the step by stepping the left foot forward onto the ball of the foot on 5 and turning clockwise 180 degrees on 6,
7,8) walk back to the step left and right.
Note 1: Shuffles are the same as Cha Cha Chas.
Note 2: An alternative for this move would be 1x shuffle turn (4), 1x, angled basic, box step on the floor, or march 4 on the floor (4)

****Revolving door (right lead)
1,2) step up right and left and begin turning counterclockwise,
3,4) exit the step on the front right and left completing the turn - you end up facing the opposite direction you started in,
5-8) repeat the revolve over to go back home.
Note: This can also just be called 2 revolves over.

*****Bumps (left lead):
1) step up left at the right corner,
2) bump the edge of the step with your right foot,
3,4) walk down right and left.
5-8) repeat above with right foot lead.

Note: Taps up or heel digs up can be substituted for the Bumps.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments.


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