Tribal Knees from Jacque

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This is a reversing 64-count that I've used as a class ending after 2 reversing 32s. The first 16 counts is a variation on one of Petra Kolber's combos.

Part 1 (32 counts, reverses)

*Tribal Knees: step left, lift right knee facing the front (1,2), step wide right on top & shift weight right-left-right while moving hips with the weight shift (pump arms any way you want to make it funky) (3-5), lift left and turn to face back wall (count 6), exit left,right on N side (7,8)

**Tango = rock on top. It's 3 marches on top rocking back on 2. Another option is to rock the rear foot down to the floor on the other side of the board.

***Cut the corner: stomp right on board (count 1), cross left leg over to the floor on the end of the board (count 2), finish walking right,left around the end turning into the board (counts 3,4)

Part 2 (32 counts, reverses twice)

*Another option is to leap-kick from the floor on count 4. This is a one-count move: leap and kick on the same count.

**This is the version I use when putting it at the end of class because I like to end with something really easy before "going back to the top". But you could do the "knee-walk-Elvis" move again in place of the 2 alternating kicks, then insert it on the N side after your first "quick-over".

Here are the base moves:

Part 1:

Part 2:

*This changes the lead in the teaching progression. When the it's added to Part 1, the repeater gets replaced by 2 alternating kicks.

Usually I type out a complete breakdown for my patterns but have decided not to this time. I will be more than glad to send it to anyone who wants it though. Just email me: JJMelear at


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