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Lately, I've seen a little confusion on just what progressive layering is, so I thought I'd post an example that is geared toward the newer instructor teaching a beg/int level group.

Just because you're teaching beginners does not mean you have to repeat 8 counts forever, then add-on another 8 that gets repeated to death, etc. Progressive layering is a system that is wonderfully flexible, and you can bring your beginners along to more complex variations rather quickly once they understand the method (but you must stay consistent with your methodology). Remember: you can plan "layers" that would thrill the most advanced class - but you don't have to use them all. If you or your class is having on "off" day, stick to the simpler versions.

KEY #1: Progressive Layering begins with a base template that consists of knees & marches only, and are either 16 or a full 32 counts. (knees include repeaters; marches include basics and stomps).

KEY #2: Know exactly where your lead-leg changes are: your layers *must match the base* in terms of lead-leg changes. This makes all of your layers optional so that if someone prefers to stay with a previous layer (or even the base), it keeps them in sync with the overall flow of class.

Feel free to email me with questions. I hope this has been helpful to someone.


Base Template:

1. Cue the first change: 5-knee repeater + 1 basic (+ 4 alternating knees). Repeat a few times. (You can start with the repeater & basics and add the alternating knees a little later if you wish.)

2. During the alternating knees, tell the class to stay with their 5-knee repeater while you demo a variation: in place of the first 4 knees, do step-kick-ball-change twice. Do the last knee with your class & the 4 alternating knees as before.

3. After repeating as many times as needed, let them know you're going to demo another variation: straddle down after the knee, then walk up-up, exit at home down, down (this is a basic that begins from a straddle position). Finish with the 4 alternating knees as before.

4. If you want, demo a "power option". After the knee-straddle: jump-jump on top and exit down, down at home. (I call it jump rope on top - jump to the top & do another little jump + add jump rope arms).

5. Next layer the first 2 of the 4 alternating knees: demo a power hop on the first knee, and take the second knee to the floor facing the side wall. Next time tell them to face the back corner of the room on that knee - so you've got a diagonal pattern established. Add power-punches or whatever arms you want on those knees.

6. You can also demo a hopturn on the floor knee. This adds flair for those who like some turning, but it's totally optional. I usually have about 1/2 the class that will do it & 1/2 that won't.

7. You can leave the last 2 knees as is, turn them into kicks or rear leg extensions, OR demo walking around the board 8 counts while they're doing the knees. Once they're comfy with getting around the board on 8 counts, you can demo a shuffle-turn 4Xs around the board as an option.

Final Pattern:

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