Independent Push

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Take a few pieces of paper and write a number on each that corresponds for a different tension (7/10, 70%, level 2 - whatever you use in your class). Each paper will have a different value on it and each person in the class is given one. If you have a big class then you'll need more papers and some people will probably have the same numbers - not a problem as long as they're not side-by-side.

Have you participants read their number and remember it. Once you said, "GO!", everyone is to increase their tension to the level on their paper and sprint for as long as you say. (I usually do a couple 8-counts.) Do this three times total.

Next, have each person pass their paper to their right/left, and repeat the whole thing. You can keep passing papers for as long as you want to milk this one out.

What's interesting about this is that you'll see some with their legs going a mile a minute right beside a person doing the steepest climb of their life. Good motivation all around.

Andie of Kimberley

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From: Kimberley, British Columbia (Canada)
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