Super Station Workout

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Station Workout

I        ^        ^       ^      ^
O                    Abs= partner abs with med balls
I       --     --                  A    ^ = cones
O                    --            b    O= stability ball
I       --    --                   s    I= body bar
O                    -- = step with risers
I       __    __    __    __             __ = slide

(1:30-2:00 min at each station - 4X's around changing what move you do. Set it up to have 4-6 people at each station depending on your class size.)

Slides (have chairs handy for people who may need it on #3)

  1. Speed skate - fast, low - use skater arms
  2. Twist- stand in center of slide and twist knees side to side. Cue them to also go high to low for a better workout
  3. Scissor legs - slide legs out & in starting together at center of slide
  4. Mountain climbers- hand off the slide at end with feet moving in mtn climb motion

Balls/Body Bars

  1. Canoe paddles - sit on ball and paddle with Body Bar like paddling a canoe (shoulders/back)
  2. Chest press - lay on ball supine - chest press Slow
  3. Bicep curls with ball wall squat - squat, hold, 3 curls, up, 3 curls, repeat
  4. Deadlift with 3 count butt squeeze at top

Cones (5-6 cones spaced across room in straight line about 3-4 feet apart)

  1. Figure 8's - weave through cones
  2. Box hop clockwise around each cone, JJ or hop to next cone
  3. Side shuffles up and back facing mirror whole time
  4. Sprint up/backpedal back

Partner Abs with Medicine ball

  1. Seated partner pass - sit back to back and pass ball at sides working obliques - switch directions halfway
  2. Lying situps with Leg pushdown - one partner on floor hold ankles of standing partner. Floor partner raises and lowers legs. Standing parter presses legs down each time.
  3. Over/under ball pass- stand back to back with at least a foot in between you and partner. Pass ball over your head, then between your legs.
  4. Sit ups with ball toss - sit up, toss ball, sit up, catch ball


  1. Tricep dips/crabby walk - 4 dips off bench, crab walk around to other side, repeat
  2. I-step - (up, up, JJ, down, down, JJ) - switch lead each time
  3. Squat/lunge, run, run, run - one foot on corner of step, lunge, run on floor 3X's at center, lunge with opposite foot on other side of step, run, run, run - repeat
  4. Corner to corner knees to 3x's knee repeater at halfway mark

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