Sonia's ABC's of Step (Routine VV)

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 17092)

Only four more routines and I will have gone through the alphabet a second time using basic moves and options. Things have changed since my first ABC routine!

As usual, 32 count, self-reversing, tapless combos. Right/left is the lead foot, (Number) designates how many counts it takes to complete the move/s. Choreography follows.

Combo 1 - no cross-phrasing

Repeat left

Optional Combo 1 - easy cross-phrasing

Repeat left

Combo 2

Repeat left

Combo 3 (basic moves)

Repeat left

Optional Combo 3 (directional move to the front side, straddling)

Repeat left

Choreography Notes:

*Squat and Walk:
1,2) step up left and right at the left end,
3,4) left foot to floor in a slight squat as right foot lifts off the step,
5,6) repeat counts 3 and 4,
7,8) walk home left and right.

1) step up right near the right end,
2) give a little hop on the right foot as the left does a ham curl,
3) step wide to the left on top,
4) give a little hop on the left foot as right does a ham curl,
5,6) exit the step right and left.

***Broadway Knee:
1,2) step up right near the left corner, lift the left knee,
3,4,5) walk backward away from the step left/right/left,
6) lift the right knee,
7,8) walk to the step right and left.

****Hip Swing repeater:
1,2) step up right near the left corner, swing the left leg forward from the hip (don't kick, let the leg move forward naturally),
3,4,5) tap the left toes back on the floor, forward on the floor, back on the floor,
6) swing the left leg forward again,
7,8) exit/walk home left/right.

Email any questions.


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From: Texas (USA)
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