First Bootcamp class

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This was my first bootcamp class with 10 people. Since I got so much from this site I wanted to share.

I started out with dynamic warm-up: High knees, butt kicks, ankle grabs, step and rotate, this was on a bball court so they jogged back after each warm-up move.

Then on to station 1-repeated 2 times at 45 seconds each time (should have done 3 repeats). 5 stations, 2 sets up of each:

Station #1

In partners: Medicine ball throw/side shuffle to end of court, hop back on one foot.

Station #2

In partners: One person wall sits while other person lunges to them, switch and back (would have repeated but they said it was a "one time excercise" meaning the would not have the stamina to do it again!)

Relay race-2 teams of 5, one person runs out, slaps my hand, runs back and tags a team member.

Stretching for 5 minutes.

That's it! I had to pinch hit since I only ran by through the stations twice it seemed to move quickly.

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From: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
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