Top 10 Boot Camp

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This is a 45-minute boot camp class. It consists of ten exercises that focus on large muscle groups. Each exercise is performed for one minute in succession.

The goal is for the participant to do as many repetitions as possible (with good form) for the entire minute. Rest approximately 15-20 seconds, then move on to the next exercise in the circuit. Repeat entire circuit three times. Give participants a 2-minute break at the end of each circuit.

Equipment needed: bands or dumbbells and mats

Warm-up (5 minutes):

Top 10 Circuit:

  1. Body weight squat
  2. T-push up: straight leg or modified pushup position, lower down into a pushup. At the top of the pushup, shift weight to one side of the body and lift the arm toward the sky. Repeat on both sides
  3. Band pull: holding a resistance band with arms extended in front of chest, keep elbows straight as you pull the band toward your chest (squeezing upper back muscles)
  4. Alternating reverse lunge: alternate stepping back into a lunge
  5. One-arm overhead press: step one foot on resistance band, handle of band in hand and press band overhead for 30 seconds. Switch to other side for 30 seconds
  6. Band side steps: loop band around ankle and take large controlled steps to the side down the length of the room and back for one minute.
  7. Plank hold: start in push up position with wrists directly under shoulders. Shoulders, hips and ankles making a diagonal line.
  8. Quadruped (bird dog): on all fours, wrists under shoulders and knees under hips, alternate lifting right arm forward in front of shoulder and left leg behind hip. Alternate
  9. Right side hover: lying on side, place elbow directly under shoulder. Activating core, lift entire body up in alignment. Modify by allowing participant to keep outside knee on the floor. Hold 30 seconds
  10. Left side hover. Hold 30 seconds

Rest 2 minutes and repeat


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